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100 Noted Mountains in Korea

Gwanak Mountain
Gwanak Mountain
Location Gwacheon-si, Anyang-si, Gyeonggi-do and Geumcheon-gu, Gwanak-gu, Seoul
Height of the Mountain 629m
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Hannam-jeongmaek is divided to the northwest at Gwanggyosan (Mt.), Suwon, and reaches the south of Hangang (River) where Gwanaksan (Mt.) rises high into the sky at last. Made up of dark-red rocks, Gwanaksan whose top looks like a standing big stone column is called 'Ganmoe' or 'Gwanak', meaning the mountain which looks like a traditional Korean top hat, 'Gat'.
In ancient maps, it appears as 'Gwanak'. 'Ak' itself means a mountain, so conventionally they didn't add 'san' (mountain) after that; same as 'Unak', 'Bugak', and 'Chiak'.
Gwanak was named because it looks like a crown, but its name first meant the best among the mountains around. Gwanaksan has been one of the Gyeonggi-do O-ak (5 famouse mountains in Gyeonggi-do), along with Songaksan (Mt.) in Gaeseong, Hwaaksan (Mt.) in Gapyeong, Gamaksan (Mt.) in Paju, Unaksan (Mt.) in Pocheon. Tens of outstanding mountain peaks and rocks, old trees and all kinds of grasses and herbs harmoniously change the features every season like Geumgangsan. So it's called 'Sogeumgang' (little Geumgang) or 'Seogeumgang' (Geumgang in the west).

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