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100 Noted Mountains in Korea

Hwangmae Mountain
Hwangmae Mountain
Location Chahwang-myeon, Sancheong-gun and Gahoe-myeon, Daebyeong-myeon, Hapcheon-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do
Height of the Mountain 1108m
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With its lower edges immersed into the blue water of Hapcheonho (Late), and the top composed of three peaks, Habong (Low Peak), Jungbong (Middle Peak) and Sangbong (High Peak), Hwangmaesan (Mt. 1,108m) is called Sujungmae. It is tinted with azaleas and eulalias in spring, accompanied with cool valleys in summer, covered with reeds in fall, and finally discloses sharpness of the winter mountain with white snow and fierce wind. As Mosanjae (767m) located in Hwangmaesan county park of Yeongnam is formed with fantastic rocks and stones, it intoxicates the tourists with the wonderful sight of a beautiful rocky mountain from any views.
With peaks rising successively from Sangbong in the west to the east, you can see the skyline in full sight. From the top, the panoramic view of "Mujigaeteo (rainbow site)" known as the best place in the country makes you freed from the everyday life.

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